Combine with a city-trip to Lisbon

It is very well possible to visit Lisbon when you stay at Villa Limaõ. It’s less than a one hour drive to Lisbon. But if you prefer to spend more than 1 day in Lisbon – before or after your stay with us – you could use a nice place to stay.

We can offer you the lovely boutique B&B The House, in the centre of Lisbon. The B&B is outstanding in many ways: the rooms, the staff, the breakfast and above all, the astonishing view. From the roof-terrace you have a panorama-view over Lisbon and the Tagus.

Give us the details together with your reservation form for Villa Limaõ, and we will take care of your reservation (subject to availability).

Considering the very limited possibilities to park a car in the centre of Lisbon, we advise you to use public transport.